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The Prop Scan Propeller Repair Shop Package contains the specialized products and technical knowledge required to set up and run a successful propeller repair shop.

Full training and support is included in this package

* PDT-10 training course is Included in this package
* TS50H technical support is included in this package

Below is the contents contained in the Prop Scan Propeller Repair Shop Package.
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The Prop Scan RTPB Measuring Assembly is an extremely robust device designed for the precision inspection of marine propellers. The Prop Scan RTPB measuring assembly's digital sensors scan the propeller surface producing precise digital data. This data is transmitted to the computer for processing, assessment and reporting by the Prop Scan Reporting System software.  
Prop Scan E4 software collects and processes data from the measuring assembly allowing accurate assessment of damaged propellers and certified verification of new and repaired propellers. Prop Scan runs on
computers with Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, 8 and 10.

Prop Correct enables companies to create detailed propeller repair, modification and optimization quotes with speed and efficiency.  

A propeller has many 'design components' that affect the performance of a propeller. In Crystal Ball these components can be adjusted individually or collectively and the calculated effect of the component adjustment is displayed.


The Propeller Sizing Software calculates the correct propeller size, displaying diameter, pitch and expected hull speed for a particular boat based on its known details.


The Propeller Pitch Calculator software calculates the new propeller pitch required to achieve the correct engine RPM.


The Shaft Taper Calculator allows you to accurately calculate shaft taper sizes to assist in matching propellers to shafts. This is very important when ordering new propellers or when trying to resolve a propeller taper issues.


The Propeller Performance Calculator predicts the performance of each characteristic of a boats engine, drive and propeller system.


Software is provided to verify calibration and data collection.


The measuring assembly and reporting software come complete with a full range of documentation, manuals and tutorials.

Sea Trial Data

Sea trial data collection form.


Propeller Dynamics have been providing Advanced Propeller Courses (APC) for 22 years. Our courses have been attended by naval architects, propeller experts, propeller technicians, managers, supervisors, secretaries and people who wish to become propeller experts and propeller technicians.


We have available artwork, templates and documentation of promotional material for you to promote your business and educate your customers.

Propeller Technical Support

Propeller technical support can be the simple answer to "How much cup should this propeller have" or assistance with the complex question of "My customer has changed his engines. They have 28 more HP and different gearbox ratios. Can we alter his original propellers to suit the new engines? How do I work this out?"


Technical drawings for the manufacture of equipment used in the propeller repair industry, including repair table, spacing gauge, mandrels, spinning and balancing frames.

Purchase List

We supply you with a list of tools and equipment that you can purchase for propeller repair procedures.

Computer Purchase

Prop Scan E4 software runs on computers with Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, 8 and 10 compatible desktop or notebook computer that meet our minimum requirements.

Reference Material - Books
  • Metal Corrosion In Boats
  • Marine Corrosion Protection Guide
  • Marine Corrosion Protection Guide Marine Corrosion Protection Guide
Propeller Repair Shop Package Features

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