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The Propeller Optimization Package 


The seven steps to a perfect propeller.

Propeller Dynamics the developers of Prop Scan have put together a package that enables a Prop Scan Certified technician to optimize your propeller/s to suit your specific boat.

This process corrects damage to new or used propellers, including design and manufacturing defects.Your propellers can be corrected to the ‘perfect fit’.

1. Inspection
Your propeller is inspected using the Prop Scan Inspection System then an initial (as arrived) report is created which shows the true state of your propeller. The hydrodynamic features of the propeller, good or bad, will be evident and the quality of the propeller is displayed in accordance with the ISO 484 International Standard.Your propeller will be assessed against a known and recognized standard by certified equipment, operated by trained and certified technicians.

Very High Accuracy
High Accuracy
Medium Accuracy
Wide Tolerances

2. Collect Details & Trial Data
Sea trial data is collected to enable assessment of the existing propulsion efficiencies and your requirements are recorded. This process is most important as it enables the technician to optimize your propeller/s for your specific boat.

3. Calculate Size
The optimum propeller size is calculated using the Prop Tools propeller sizing software. Details of your boat type, engine and gearbox are used to calculate a basic propeller configuration. The size calculated is based on a basic or standard propeller design for use on a basic or standard hull configuration. The propeller size is now used as a starting point to configure a specific propeller for the requirements of your particular boat and it’s intended use.


4. Assess & Determine Corrections
The initial inspection data, calculated size, necessary allowances and desired operating conditions are assessed and the different options that will increase the propulsion efficiency are considered. Prop Scan EPD (Enhanced Propeller Designs) and Prop Scan Crystal Ball prediction software are used to u-boat replica look at the options available and predict the outcome of the appropriate selected design features. Your propeller can now be corrected to a configuration that will suit your particular boat and its intended use.


5. Quotation
Prop Correct is used to prepare a Propulsion Optimization Quote that describes the propeller corrections necessary for optimum performance.This two phase process first documents the required 'level' of quality, then documents the enhanced design aspects that are to be applied to your propeller. This quotation lists the tasks performed and the price for each phase of the correction process.


6. Correct Propeller
During correction the Prop Scan Inspection System is used to accurately measure the propeller and display the hydrodynamic shape of the propeller in graphical form. Your trained technician is now guided through the correction process where the propeller is corrected to replica watches the enhanced design. This process is performed using the strict controls of the ISO 484 and Prop Scan EPS (Enhanced Propeller Standards) to achieve the correct hydrodynamic shape and balance.


7. Final Report
A Prop Scan Quality Certificate is produced that compares the corrected propeller to the optimum enhanced design using the ISO 484 International Standards for quality assurance and the Prop Scan EPS (Enhanced Propeller Standards) to further control the quality and design requirements. The Prop Scan Quality Certificate along with the initial report will go on file and a copy presented to you for your records. This report is free and shows our commitment to making your boating adventures more pleasurable.


The hydrodynamics of your propeller will now be efficient, balanced and correctly shaped to match the specific requirements of your boat which will produce the optimum performance and fuel savings.


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