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Customer Stories and testimonials
The following story was taken from an Email sent by Bob Cronnin to Mitch Iwan and Jeremy Tuerlings.

Bob Cronnin - owner of Benchmark Propellers, Plymouth Massachusetts USA
Mitch Iwan - owner of Holland Propellers, Holland Michigan USA.
Jeremy Tuerlings - Prop Scan Technican Support, Propeller Dynamics, Queensland Australia.

From: "rcronin" bob@benchmarkpropellers.com
To: "Mitch Iwan" hollandpropeller@aol.com; "Jeremy Tuerlings" jeremy@props.com.au
Sent: Friday, May 02, 2003 3:36 AM
Subject: Sea Ray 54'

Mitch & Jeremy,

If you remember, you guys helped me determine a course of action to be taken on a SeaRay that brought in two near class S propellers. The owner was looking for more speed (isn't that a surprise). His "thing" was that
SeaRay had just introduced a new model boat that had the same power and so forth but was sea trialed to be faster than him. I'm writing this note to fill you in....The owner just called from on board his boat and said "I can't believe it....you did exactly what you said you would do! Do you have any idea how rare that is?" "My boat is running 2.5 knots faster at wide open throttle!"

That is a full 1.5 knots faster than the boat achieved on sea trial 2 years ago when it was brand new. The boat was doing 29 knots and now performs at 31.5 knots. This boatowner is a very successful owner of large car dealership in Hanover, MA.

He went on in our telephone conversation to say "If anyone comes to your shop and they are not sure about spending the money... you have them call me....and I'll tell them its worth every last penny! I have a fist full of your cards and I intend to had them out to everyone I meet. Thanks again."

I can't thank you guys enough. Your solution to this problem was middle of the road. This cautious but deliberate approach could not have worked better. My customer, as you guessed, is well respected and listened to by his yacht club buddies. The help you fellas provided helped me score a home run. I hope you don't mind the long e-mail....but to tell you the truth
....just calling you up to thank you would diminish how important this success was to me and my shop.

Very Best Regards,

Bob Cronin


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