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54' Hatteras

A customer called and complained about the speed of his 54' Hatteras and about the boat not making the correct rpm at W.O.T.

C-30, 1550 CATS, were turning 2260/2255 at 100% load with 39", MWC CX-700.

We tuned the props with Prop Scan and the customer called on Monday after running the boat on Saturday.

The same conditions and load (fuel/water/people):

"You guys really nailed it ! I picked up 2 knots all the way through, turned 2313/2318 at 98% load and reduced 8 gallons an hour in fuel.
A home run, thank you !".......Jack Hotz "TRUE GRIT"

I got a call the next day from owner of the Marina (where "TRUE GRIT" is moored) who has a 65' Hatteras and wants his 7-bladers "Prop Scanned".

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