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Customer Stories and testimonials
" wow! no vibration! and additional 2 mph "


Just wanted to say THANKS! for the great job you and your guys did with our new Austral props. We sea trailed this weekend and they performed exactly as you predicted!. We were amazed at the smooth acceleration. We haven't experienced anything like it with either of our other sets of props. My wife's first words before we were fully on plane were "wow! no vibration!". The props provided an additional 2 mph at 3200 cruising rpm. Our WOT rpm was also acceptable at 4200. The 4 blades even performed as advertised the dock, with additional bite for close maneuvering. We are sure glad we followed your advice on selecting the configuration on these props. Based on what we've seen so far, we fully expect to see a fuel mileage improvement with this setup. We'll forward our fuel numbers as soon as we can.

In the end , it has been very impressive how well the Prop Scan technology performs. As a mechanical engineer, I have been sold on the Philosophy form the beginning. The process of collecting the data, repeatability and having a referenced document is just incredible . To experience these results is more incredible. As you know i have not hesitated to spread the word to my friends about Prop Scan and Holland Propeller, and that is because of your great service, technology and honest, low pressure approach to your business.
Thanks again!

Rick Horner
Grand Haven, Michigan

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