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“Lack of vibration is
almost eerie"

Attached is a propeller performance report sent to us by Chuck Klima.

Propeller Performance

2000 Tiara 3500 Express, 450 Cummins “C" engines, 2400 cruise, 2600 max

When new, these engines were broken in very carefully as per DW’s instructions.
Propeller: Before, Michigan 24x27x3, #8 cup
After, Michigan 24x27x3, reworked by Holland Propeller (same props).

Date: May 21,2003
Place: Bay of Green Bay, near Death’s Door.
Air Temp: 50
Water Temp: 42
Wind: light and variable
Waves: 6" chop, some small rollers
POB: 2
Fuel/water/waste: 100% / 40% / 5%
Gear: Lots. I didn’t know you could put this much stuff on a boat.
Other: 4 transducers in hull (don’t ask), full complement of electronics on the arch
Canvas: Camper top up, side windows in, no side or rear curtains

“Before" is typical of what the boat would do last year under similar conditions. “After" is today. Speed is measured with my DGPS. No fuel consumption data available.

  Before After
Speed @ 2400 rpm 28.5kn 29.8kn
Speed @ full throttle 31.6kn 32.6kn

RPM @ full throttle
Port 2720 2720
Starboard 2710 2680

(According to DW, the starboard throttle won’t quite go all the way up.)

Subjective judgments:

I was a little concerned that adding pitch would make the boat harder to get up on the plane, but once the turbo's kick in you’ve got to hang on, if anything it is better.

I did not previously think I had any particular vibration problems, but I guess I did, these props are smooth as silk-quieter too. The lack of vibration is almost eerie, Prop Scan is amazing.

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