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Increased Cruise and WOT by 4 KTS  
I just purchased new props through Precision Prop
  Bill Beacom 26/08/03


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Section:  Propellers
Topic:  Increased Cruise and WOT by 4 KTS
Subject:  I just purchased new props through Precision Prop
Name:  Bill Beacom
Date:  26 August, 2003 04:16 PM
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I just purchased new props through Precision Prop Tech in Ft. Lauderdale and have increased both cruising and top speed by 4 kts (18 to 22). Below are the steps I went through in case anyone else is looking to do the same. I received exceptional service and found 2 propeller businesses ( the other one was Holland Propellers in Holland MI) that were willing to go the extra mile to get what I needed.

Mark Tomlinson Precision Prop Tech., Inc. 3005 SW 2nd Ave. # 103 Fort Lauderdale, FL 33315 954-763-8883 954-763-8884 fax repairprop@aol.com

Mitch Iwan Holland Propellers, Inc. 11867 Greenway Dr. Holland, Michigan 49424 616-355-2900 hollandpropeller@aol.com

Both use Prop Scan, which from reading this forum is probably the only way to know what you really have. I purchased my boat 1.5 years ago and the survey indicated high EGT. The max RPM was about 50 rpm under max rated rpm of 2800 ( I have 375 hp 3208s). The props that were originally on the boat when it was new were not with it when I purchased it. I had props that were on the boat pulled and reworked at a local non-Prop Scan shop (been in business a long time and came highly recommended by the surveyor). I got the RPM I needed after 4 attempts, but never was satisfied with the speed. I needed a second set of props anyway so I started looking at adds for similar boats. A similar boat on yacht trader claiming exceptional speeds and I called the broker who assured me that the speeds were real and put me in contact with Mitch at Holland Propellers. I explained to Mitch that I was interested in purchasing new props, but that I was located in South Florida and would need to purchase them from someone closer to home. Mitch still researched what I needed and acquired performance reports from the manufacturer on 4 boats that were similar to mine all listing the propeller sizes, sea conditions, etc. Mitch is located in the same town as the boat manufacturer and I'm sure most will guess who it is. I did not ask for their permission to use their name and it really doesn't matter for this note. They were very helpful also. Mitch put me in contact with Mark at Precision Prop Tech in Ft. Lauderdale and the 2 of them helped me select what I thought was the best fit. The first thing that Mark suggested was to haul the boat and get all of the old bottom paint off and then see what it would do. When I did that I sent Mark the old props and he scanned them at no charge. I did not see any real difference, but I knew I was working with someone that wanted to fix my problem, not just sell me new props. My shafts require a large bore for the prop size which was difficult to find. To have them specially ordered would have cost $2000 ea. - quite expensive for 21X23 props. Mark found that with a 10 week lead time I could get them on the next production run from Hi Torq, or he had located a set with 1 bore that could be modified. With his recommendation we went with the 10 week lead, which was also the least expensive alternative. In the end I ended up with exactly what I needed at a very reasonable price. When I had been working with the local non-Prop Scan shop with the original props, he said is that it would be next to impossible to find anything that size. Mitch who never received a penny from me and bent over backwards to help me and working with Mark was a real pleasure. If anyone is located near either of these placed, they have my highest recommendation.

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