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QLD Tug & Salvage

QLD Tug & Salvage
Queensland Tug & Salvage Co. Pty. Limited
Howard Smith Drive
12th May 2000

Results of Prop Scan

Dear Col,

As you are aware we commenced using your company exclusively for our propeller work some four (4) years ago. For your information the majority of our fleet has now been slipped. During our slipping it is standard procedure to remove our propellers to your workshop, where they are scanned, and if necessary bought back to specification.

The information we have been able to gather is very encouraging to say the least. Fuel saving have been in the order of 20% to 30% as well as a marked decreased in hull vibration has been experienced In most of our vessels. Our company is committed to ever improving its service to our customers, and we feel that your company and Prop Scan is playing a leading role in helping us in implementing those improvements.

Yours faithfully

George Grosskreuta
Technical Manager Queensland

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