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Restless Fishing Charters
“Swordfish II"
Berth C9 Marina Mirage
Port Douglas North Queensland, Australia

Mr Colin Lough
Performance Propellers
80 Taylor Street
Bulimba QLD 4171.

Dear Colin,

My thanks to you and your staff for the work you put in on the propeller modifications for “Swordfish II". It was great to meet some people who were actually interested in listening to and understanding my requirements and the disappointment we had in the performance of what were virtually new props. Whilst they ran quite well, we were sure that they could provide better performance, particularly as we’d spent so much time researching the options prior to having them manufactured.

I was very impressed with the Prop Scan technology and the accuracy with which it evaluated all facets of the propellers. It clearly allows you to determine the best modifications quickly and confidently.

The proof of that has been demonstrated in the significantly better performance of “Swordfish II", especially at cruise speed and above. We have picked up over two knots at cruise, giving our most economical running at a little over twenty knots, which is what we were looking for. In addition, fuel consumption has dropped by almost eight percent at this speed, meaning that not only do we get there faster, we also do it cheaper.

Whilst the props were always smooth running, we find that the hull pops onto the plane much more easily. There seems to be virtually no transition phase in doing so and we are also able to hold planing attitude down to around thirteen knots. Top speed is back to what it should be at about twenty seven knots and the boat really sits beautifully at all planing speeds.

Thanks again Colin, you and your staff certainly have my endorsement for your technology and skills.

Kind Regards,

Ian Bladin

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Colin Lough
80 Taylor Street
Bulimba, QLD, 4171,
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