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Customer Stories and testimonials
The end result was better
than Colin predicted

Colin Lough from Performance Propellers Pty Ltd was recommended to me. After contacting him he arrived at my boat, on the hardstand, armed with his laptop computer, Prop Scan software and a host of questions.

Colin’s recommendations were to buy a set of 24" x 25" 3 blade propellers. The end result was better than Colin predicted.

The surprise came at my cruising revs of 2100rpm where the boat gained an extra 2.2 knots. It is a good feeling knowing that the trust I put into Performance Propellers Pty Ltd paid off with all pluses and no minuses on the job performed".



Performance Propellers Pty. Ltd.
Colin Lough
80 Taylor Street
Bulimba, QLD, 4171,
Ph: 07 3899 1501
Fax: 07 3899 9288

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