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Customer Stories and testimonials
“WOW! What a difference!
We are thrilled;
we will tell our friends"

   Capt. Bill    Whitmer

“For years we have tried to get engines, shafts, bearings and propellers in good order and in alignment, but we never had real smooth operations. We even bought new propellers."

“Then after nine years of trying to get rid of strong vibrations, we heard about The Propeller Works and decided to go for their high tech balancing of our two 26x22 propellers. We excitedly put the newly balanced propellers on and went ocean fishing. We were THRILLED to finally get a really smooth and quieter ride! Vibrations were 99 percent eliminated! For the first time in nine years, engine loads are easier and exhaust noise is way down. Our friends overlooking the harbor and employees at the charter office can no longer ‘hear’ the Betty Kay coming as the exhaust/engine noise is so quiet now!"

“These benefits alone make all the difference in boat performance! From now on, we will always send our props to The Propeller Works for Prop Scan balancing!"

“Thank you Propeller Works!"

Capt. Bill Whitmer
"Betty Kay"

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