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Start your own Propeller Business

Using the Prop Scan propeller inspection system as the technical core of your business, you can establish a profitable hi-tech propeller repair and modification facility.

Our company, Propeller Dynamics Pty. Ltd. will provide you with the technology, extensive training and supply a long term commitment to assist you in becoming successful.

This can all be achieved without the need for previous propeller industry experience.

Prime sites available to establish a Propeller Business

North America

• Anacortes
• Burlington
• Corpus Christi
• Gulf Port
• Juneau
• Milwaukee
• Monterey
• Morgan City
• New Orleans

USA Cont.
• Rochester
• Santa Cruz
• Savannah
• Wilmington

• Montreal
• Vancouver

• Bordeaux
• Calais
• Nice
• Bremen
• Hamburg
• Naples
• Rimini

• Amsterdam
• Dordecht

• Barcelona
• Marbella
• Southampton
• Glasgow
• Hull

There are many more available sites worldwide Where you can start a Prop Scan propeller optimization facility. Contact us for more info.


The Prop Scan Package is designed to supply you with all the knowledge, information and backup you require to own and operate a successful propeller optimization facility.

Our package consists of:

Prop Scan RTPB-5-1 Measuring Assembly
Prop Scan Measuring Assemblies are the worlds most accurate and only fully digital marine propeller measuring assemblies.
The RTPB-5-1 can measure propellers from 6" to 40" (155mm to 1000mm).

Prop Scan Reporting System
The Prop Scan Reporting System is a software package that is responsible for collecting the data from the Measuring Assembly, assessing the data, and producing reports used in the production, optimization, and modification of propellers.

Professional Training

Training in propeller theory and propeller repair/modification is provided in our intensive Advanced Propeller Course. Ongoing support and advice on propeller theory and propeller optimization will continue for as long as needed.

Propeller Business Software
A complete range of software is provided which will enable you to solve any of your customers propeller problems.

  • Propeller Size Calculations.
  • Propeller Pitch Modification.
  • Propeller Optimization Price Calculations.
  • Engine RPM Calculations.

Extensive Support
You will continue to receive ongoing support for all aspects of your business.

  • Prop Scan technical support.
  • Propeller optimization and modification support.
  • Business support and advice.
  • Support Via Phone, Fax and Email.
  • Access to Prop Scan shops for propeller and business advice.

Marketing and exposure
Your company will become part of a worldwide network of Prop Scan propeller shops and you will be invited to take part in Boat Shows and other marketing activities to promote your business.

Click Here to View the full Prop Scan Package Contents

The Benefits of a Business

The Prop Scan name has become well know worldwide and the companies using the Prop Scan system are recognized as the worlds leading propeller experts, capable of solving any propeller problem.

The benefits include:
  • Pre-established market.
  • National and international business exposure.
  • A pre-established and proven business plan.
  • Prop Scan's proven track record in the propeller industry.
  • Professional training to give you the edge in business.

We have assisted people worldwide in establishing successful propeller optimization businesses.
Visit the Prop Scan Shops or read some of the success stories from people who have started a Prop Scan propeller optimization business.

Growth Strategy

Since the Prop Scan Business Opportunity inception in 1995, the number of Prop Scan shop locations has grown steadily. Annual sales performance of mature Prop Scan shops show a steady increase in turnover over the previous 12 months.

Our growth strategy is designed to take advantage of our competitive strengths. The main components of our growth strategy are:

-Expand our leadership position in the marine propeller industry by continuing to develop cutting edge technology to ensure that the Prop Scan network of shops remain at the top of marine propeller industry.

-Continue our geographical expansion of the Prop Scan name through advertising and promotion, so that the Prop Scan network of shops becomes an even more well known group of companies excelling in the field of marine propeller repairs, optimization and modification.

The Requirements
  • A desire to run you own business.
  • Be hard working and self motivated.
  • Have reasonable mechanical knowledge.
  • Have basic computer skills

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